Party Props Rentals

Ocala Inflatables Party Rentals specializes in Theme Prop Rentals. We design custom props in-house for any event use. We are the number one prop rental company located in Ocala, FL. We create set designs for birthday parties, weddings, high school proms, and corporate events. We fabricate custom 3D props, logos, displays, theater sets, and scenes. We also specialize in prototyping, small-run production, mock-ups, foam modeling, composites, and molds. We combine our foam creations with different types of materials, including steel, wood, concrete, and glass.

Marquee Letters

Foam numbers and letters with lights

Our 48″ high styrofoam marque letters are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your party decoration.  We carry every single number and letter of the alphabet. these letters use a regular 110v power outlet and you can interconeect up to 10 letters in a row. 

Float Foam Letters

Float foam letters in a pool to make a difference at your next event. Lightweight polystyrene letters are moisture and mildew resistant, a customer favorite for pool letters. We can cut any word or phrase in various fonts to create unique floating signs for a party. We cut our letters in our CNC hotwire machine, and they come out perfect and smooth every time.

Foam Tables

Styrofoam Letters for rent

Our Styrofoam tables are 32″ high by 24″ wide, which makes them ideal as snacks, gifts, or cake tables. These Styrofoam foam tables are perfect for enhancing your party’s decoration. Your guests will love them.